> THE CONCEPT is to use only edible ingredients > organic > locally produced >

> MUKA is a skin food > our skin absorbs nutrients directly to the bloodstream > that is why we suggest using our products exclusively to reach results > and DETOX your skin from a toxic environment

> MUKA SKINCARE is an intuitive herbology project > collaborating with local artisan farmers > we search for the best-grown herbs > spices > raw oils & butter > we use traditional JAMU method to prepare skin products > we only use on our skin what we can eat

> We source our ingredients directly from the farmers to support SUSTAINABLE production

> Rich local nature has always inspired people to use fruits and spices as a SKINFOOD > this is a very pleasing way to connect to INDONESIAN CULTURE & beliefs through beautifying traditions


The Same Different Life


muka team of TUKAN >

tukans are the local craftsmen who help us CREATE > the process is endless > this is true ART > we are learning our lessons in the process > after many years in Bali we have learned to synchronize our rhythms with local religious calendar > not to rush > stay in meditative mode > the things are going as they suppose to > we are not wishing for anything > ISVARA > grateful for our collaborations > thank you > this is LIFE